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Are you tired of gazing at murky, uninviting pool water? In Antelope, CA, residents frequently grapple with pool algae due to changing weather, unregulated pool chemicals, and untimely maintenance. But with H2O Pool Care, your journey to addressing algae in pool starts. We’re more than just a pool company; our uniqueness lies in our customer-centric approach. We prioritize transparent communication, ensuring every client is informed about their pool’s status. Leveraging the latest technology, our service remains affordable without cutting corners.

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Green Pools Be Gone: The Science Behind Pool Sanitation

Did you know stagnant pool water can become a thriving ground for algae and bacteria? Pools turn green due to a lack of circulation, improper chemical balance, or malfunctioning equipment. This not only affects the appearance but also impacts the health of swimmers. Pool sanitation services are crucial in such scenarios. At H2O Pool Care, we offer the ‘Green To Clean’ solution, efficiently transforming your green pool with algae to sparkling clean without draining or replacing the water. Plus, our specialized treatments ensure all pool equipment is cleaned, and any residual algae are obliterated.

See our Green to Clean package – $295+
  • Get the pool back to clean and clear with chemicals.
  • Sanitize the pool and get rid of any algae
  • Clean all equipment and filter if needed

We also specialize in:

  • Pool service
  • Pool care
  • Pool recovery
  • Pool drains and clean up
  • Variable speed pump
  • Pump installation
  • Filter repair
  • Filter installation
  • Pool lights
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Navigating pool issues can be daunting, but with the right pool company in Antelope, CA, and the Greater Sacramento Area, it doesn’t have to be. At H2O Pool Care, we specialize in restoring the allure of your pool. Whether it’s a minor algae issue or a complete cleanup, trust us to deliver.

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